FESTHOME is a short and feature film submission service via Internet. FESTHOME replaces the now obsolete submission system via postal services, adapting to the newest Internet technologies while offering the highest screening quality out of all online submission platforms.

After creating your user account at FESTHOME, you will be able to upload your film, data and video file, which will be stored in our system so you can make as many submissions as you want to film festivals that are in the FESTHOME system, without having to enter the data again.

You can send us an email to help@festhome.com, or look for us in our online support chat, or find us in Skype (festhome.festivals) or call any of the phone numbers we have at your disposal:

ES: +34 683 158 619 US. +1 (516) 85842 85 UK. +44 (0) 20 32 86 41 40 (13.00-19.00 GMT)

Once you have created your user account you will be able to edit and update both your personal data and your film’s data, but please, bear in mind that when you edit a field in your film’s registration data, it will automatically change for all submissions you have previously completed. When you enter the details of your film, you do so gradually. If you leave the session, the data entered will be recorded, waiting to complete the registration. If some of your film’s mandatory fields and tabs (which appear in red when they are incomplete and turn to green when they are complete) are not filled in, your film be shown as “Incomplete” and you will not be able to send it to any of our partner festivals. When all mandatory fields and tabs are filled in, the status of the film will be changed to “Complete” and you will be able to submit it to our partner festivals.

FESTHOME does not have the copyright or the operating rights of the films. FESTHOME only acts as a platform to facilitate the distribution (and sale, should that service be available in the future) of films.

FESTOME allows users to pay using various methods of payment, such as secure payment by PayPal . You can also choose Stripe to pay with debit or credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, etc.

Many festivals charge an entry fee. FESTHOME will facilitate the payment of both Festhome fee and the festival entry fee at festhome.com in one single transaction via PayPal or Stripe, so that Festhome’s fee will be added to the festival’s entry fee. Submission credits and an Annual Pass can only be used to cover Festhome’s own fee and never festivals’ entry fees, which must always be paid separately.

Submission Credits and the Annual Pass both cover FESTHOME fees for your submissions. Credits are gradually discounted with each submission, but they do not have an expiration date and they can be used with several different films, whereas the Annual Pass is valid for one year from the date you purchase it and it is associated with one film only; it covers FESTHOME’s fees for all the submissions you make of that one film for one year, although festival entry fees, when they exist, must always be paid separately even if you have already purchased Submission Credits or an Annual Pass.

You may get directly from FESTHOME an invoice for the purchase of credits or an Annual Pass of individual submissions this way: first go to My Account-- Edit information and complete all fields under Invoice Details. Then please go to Cost--- History, and you will be able to download from there the invoice for the purchase of those credits, Annual Pass or individual submissions, in pdf format, with the data you previously included in Invoice details.

You can upload any type of video file to FESTHOME, as long as it is one single file and its not heavier than 20 GBS. Our system will convert it to an .mp4 file in HD. You can also link your video from Vimeo or YouTube instead of uploading it to our servers. Files that you upload will be saved as projection files, that you may later replace if needed, so you should upload the highest quality to avoid having to upload files again later.

You will also be able to upload additional files such as poster, screenshots or directors picture (all image files must be JPG or PNG, and they cant be heavier than 10 Mbs each) when you register your film in FESTHOME. You can use an optional tab called Documents to upload, if you so wish, a press kit, a passport scan, or any other document pertaining to your film that you consider relevant (text files accepted by our system are .TXT, .DOC, .RTF, .PDF, etc, but they cant be heavier than 10 Mbs each). Of course, you can choose to leave this tab blank.

You will have the option to enter additional information such as a trailer or links to your films social networks. Lastly, you can also upload subtitle files in .SRT or .VTT format (up to 12 different files/languages) which festivals will be able to select in our player.

You can have an unlimited number of films registered in FESTHOME, they have no expiration date. If you have registered a high number of films in FESTHOME but you will no longer submit some of them to any festivals, you will find it easier to set those films to OFF in their edit pages so that they will no longer appear among your active films when you start the submission process to a festival proper.

Video file uploaded to FESTHOME servers: when your video file has been uploaded and converted in FESTHOME, an alert appears on the screen of your browser, and you will also receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox. If you uploaded a video file to replace an older one and you cannot see the new one after the upload, but the older one instead, it is most likely that your browser did not update automatically but the new video is correctly uploaded. Just delete your browser cache and cookies and try again. You can replace the video file with another one any time you wish.

Video file linked from Vimeo: the linking is done automatically provided you use a Vimeo link with the proper format, as is shown in your film Edit page tab -> Video -> Vimeo). You can replace the Vimeo link with another Vimeo link any time you wish.

Video file linked from YouTube: the linking is done automatically provided you use a YouTube link with the proper format, as is shown in your film Edit page -> tab Video -> YouTube). You can replace the YouTube link with another YouTube link any time you wish.

Once you make the payment, you will see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation e-mail (if you have previously checked the Confirmation email after each submission checkbox in your user account data page). That submission will also appear automatically in Submission Status, where you will be able to check at any time the selection status of every submission you have made to the festivals listed in FESTHOME.

All users will be able to receive through FESTHOME a notification with the result of the selection process of a festival to which they submitted a film, provided that the festival in question chose to use the communication tools that FESTHOME puts at their disposal. Festivals will also be able to notify the results of their selection process using their own communication means, if they so decide.

In any event, you will always be able to see at any given moment whether a festival has already watched your film or not (the red clock will become a blue colour eye) and, once the communication date chosen by a festival has been reached, you will be able to see whether the festival has set your film to Selected status (thumbs up icon) or not (thumbs down icon).

Should a festival let you know officially that they selected your film but failed to set it to Selected status in FESTHOME, you can do so yourself: by clicking on the not Selected icon (thumbs down) an option will pop up to let you change that submission selection status to Selected. You can undo the change by clicking on that same icon (which will now be a Selected icon: thumbs up) and changing again your film selection status. If the festival removes its account from Festhome, the information pertaining to that festival will disappear.

You will receive the notification of your selection either through Festhome or directly from the Festival. If your film has been selected, direct communication from Festival to User will begin to reach an agreement on details for projection and such matters.Once a film has been selected the festival has the option to send the filmmaker a Projection file request with instructions regarding kind of file and format they wish you to upload to FESTHOME or let you choose whatever you think is best for the screening. Screeners stored in FESTHOME for submissions are not conceived for a professional screening in a proper film theatre.

If you wish to delete a film full registration from our system, you can do so by going to My Films and clicking on the Delete button in that film card (bottom right corner in that card).

You will have to write an email with the subject ‘Delete Account’, from the email registered with the account, to help@festhome.com, along with your username and the reasons for deleting the account. Please remember we can only delete your account and you may have to request to delete information to any third party you may have submitted it to.

A festival deadline ends at midnight (00:00) Central European Time, CET (UTC+1), Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2), on the first day after the deadline date. At this time, the festival will disappear from the festival list and will be able to receive no more submissions.

If you have an active Annual Pass for one of your films you will be able to create password Protected Links for that film, which you will be able to share with anybody. When you set up each Protected Link you will be able to choose a password (either one for all links your create or one for each link: that is your choice), its expiration date, which should not be later than the expiration date of that film Annual Pass, and whether the person you will share that link with will be able to download the film screener (if it is uploaded to FESTHOME and also if it is the film selected video at the time of creating said link) and/or its Projection Copy (provided there is a projection Copy uploaded to FESTHOME servers when you share that link).

FESTHOME gives you the option, through external partners, to have your film subtitled in several languages, and also to have a DCP of your film created. You will find more details in the option called Services.