How can I know that my film has arrived correctly?

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Published: 01 Sep 2023

Could you tell me how I am sure that my film has reached where it needs to go?

It's an excellent question, one that allows us to explain an essential part of how Festhome works, something that is just as important on this blog as anything else we've discussed in recent years.

So how can a filmmaker at Festhome be sure that his film has got where it needs to go?

First of all, a correctly made submission that is in the inbox of the corresponding festival automatically appears on the film's Statistics page (specifically, in Statistics - Submission Status).

By default, until the festival sees the inscription, a red clock appears to the right of that inscription. When the festival has seen it, that icon changes automatically and becomes a blue eye. Once the festival notification date has passed (which also appears there next to the registration) that icon changes again, and there are 3 possible changes:

-If the festival has put the entry in the Selected state, that icon becomes a white thumbs up in white on a green background.
- If the festival has not put it in Selected status, the icon becomes a white x on a gray background.
- Finally, if the festival has not worked with the registration statuses so that we can tell you if you are selected or not, our system will show you the figure of a man with a watch in white on a gray background. We do this because we want to show clearly that we don't make up submission statuses or change them capriciously, so that filmmakers know that we don't have enough information to indicate a selection or non-selection and we indicate it directly, without filters, so filmmakers know what to expect.

In any case, all you have to do is place the cursor on that icon (in any of its different options) for a tooltip to appear that tells the filmmaker what it means at all times and, therefore, what the festival is doing with the submission at any time.

That is the information that filmmakers can see every moment about the status of their submissions.

As a final note, we want to emphasize that we insist that festivals see all their entries, and especially when it comes to festivals with their own entry fee, if we detect problems with viewings from a festival, our system automatically blocks payments until are solved. Although the platform seems to be a simple internally, there is a lot of work behind it, and we take it very seriously that all parties involved, filmmakers and festivals, are satisfied with our role as intermediaries. If we detect festivals that are not fulfilling their part of seeing and evaluating their entries, we do not hesitate to contact them and resolve it.

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